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About Us

Why was S.A.L Banner Created ?

This banner was created to help reduce the amount of lives lost each year due to roadside accidents.  JAXE has created a high visibility roadside safety banner for drivers to see when there are stranded vehicles on the side of the road/highway that are in need of assurance that they are safe from other vehicles while trying to get back on the road. There have been many of times where people have been hit and killed by other vehicles when broken down on a main road/highway just trying to repair a flat tire or waiting for vehicle assistance.

Yes, we have hazard lights that flash but is that enough? You can blink at the same time that the hazard light flashes on/off and is not much of a visual from a distance or even at night to see a stranded vehicle. If hazard lights are left on due to leaving your vehicle to get fuel or just being broke down, the battery can deplete over time and leave no indication of a hazardous situation.

Why Choose Us

Our banner is made out of a vinyl material: Vinyl is strong and a weather proof type material which is needed when dealing with all outside elements. The sun will not fad the image, the rain just beads right off, and the wind will not penetrate the banner when displayed on a window. The banner is also functional during the cold times we experience every year. This material is long lasting and can be used and stored in any weather conditions. The kit comes in a plastic tube so you can easily store it out of your way until you need it.


          Daytime Visibility

The color is a safety orange so it can be seen from a distance day or night. The letters are black in the daytime and give direction for other drivers.

          Nighttime Visibility

The letters are made to have a high reflectivity when light is shined on it for use at night.

            High Durability 

The banner is made out of a vinyl material: Vinyl is strong and a weather proof type material which is needed when dealing with all the outside elements.


The banner has the option of using suction cups which can be attached to all four corners which allow the banner to be displayed on a window of a vehicle. It also comes with four bungee cords that can be used to display the banner when you have your trunk/hatch open. The bungee cords also have a rubber tip on the end to protect your paint when in use.